Army Retention Counseling

Purpose: Inform the Soldier of his/her options in the RA and the Guard/Reserve at specified
periods prior to their ETS.

- 30-60 days after arrival to unit - 60-90 days after arrival
- 15-16 months prior to ETS - 13-14 months prior to ETS - 4 months prior to ETS
- 90 days prior to ETS or beginning of terminal leave

Minimum areas to address:

- 30/60 days: discuss Soldier’s promotion potential in current MOS, evaluate military and civilian
education accomplishments and goals, discuss short and long term goals, and steps needed to
accomplish these goals,, provide Soldier with copy of “The Army Career Planner” and other publicity
items (counseling is entered on the DA Form 4591-R and is conducted by an RA Career Counselor)

- 60/90 days: assess Soldier’s goals, expectations, and understanding of the unit’s mission, inform
Soldier of negative and positive aspects of performance, and methods to improve on shortcomings,
advise the Soldier that he may not be a candidate for reenlistment if negative performance
continues, discuss a bar to reenlistment if this is appropriate, discuss retraining options if Soldier is
in an overstrength MOS (counseling is entered on the DA Form 4591-R and is conducted by the
Company Commander.

- 15/16 months: help Soldier analyze abilities, opportunities, limitations, and personal problems,
discuss status of Soldier’s MOS, and opportunities for promotion. Soldiers in overstrength MOS’
should be encourage to consider advantages of retraining at reenlistment point. Discuss BEAR
program, and send interested Soldiers to the Career Counselor. Advise Soldiers to investigate
civilian opportunities through ACAP. Soldiers with limited potential will be advised of needed
improvements and shortcomings. Advise Soldiers how they compare with their peers in the unit and
in the Army. (Counseling is done by Company Commander)

- 13/14 months: Review Soldier’s qualifications from previous interviews. Discuss options in detail,
and Army benefits. Advise Soldier of retirement benefits, health care plans, education opportunities,
etc. Review API 399 “The Army Career Planner). Counseling done by RA Career Counselor.

- 4 months: Address unresolved issues and problems. Review options, incentives, and benefits,
including the Reserves. Counseling done by RA Career Counselor.

- 90 days: Encourage Soldiers to transition into an ARNGUS unit or USAR unit. Discuss RC and NG
benefits, options. For Soldiers who have completed their MSO, encourage transition into the IRR.
(Commanders may waive this interview if the Soldier is currently processing for reenlistment in the
Active Army). (Counseling done by RA or RC Career Counselor)

Required Action:

- 30/60 days: None

- 60/90 days: Soldiers not recommended for future service will have a bar to reenlistment initiated -
15/16 months: None

- 13/14 months: If reenlistment commitment is obtained, coordinate with unit reenlistment NCO to
initiate DA From 3340-R. Coordinate with commander to check if bar is warranted. Verify records to
determine eligibility

- 4 months: If appropriate, refer to unit commander, 1SG, or CSM for follow-up counseling. If Soldier
commits, initiate DA Form 3340-R and coordinate with unit commander or RC Career Counselor (as
applicable). The RC Career Counselor will be provided the completed DA Form 1315
90 days: None.

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